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Blessing for Sun Song

Sun Song’s Blessing
You are so very blessed Sun Song, how can we bless you more? We will try to put into words, a translation ….
Your Blessing is your gift that is your ability to uplift, enhance and make more beautiful all that is with in your sight.
We do understand the passion you feel, perhaps it feels like a hole in you which can never be filled no matter how much you give, how far you travel or how many friends you have.
What you may not know is that this feeling unlike many other feelings of life such as anger or pain, does not signify an emotion. It is an aching to be whole with your complete spiritual self, and can only be fulfilled by connecting with the source of all life and Nature. Even as we realize we are one with Nature and all that surrounds us, we are still individuals in our expression, such as our bodies, our unique dance and especially for you, your unique song.
In this position we are always vulnerable, always transparent and in a way, always lonely in that we are separate or distinct by the fact we have our own identity.
We can choose to feel this loneliness and consider our bodies as bondage — or we can recognize a higher state of mind that is above or separation which is a wholeness or oneness with all things and simultaneously relish in our beauty as beings that walk upon this Earth.
Like a blue bird or the ocean wave, you are here for a moment in time in your unique identity. What for? Just to taste the sky. That’s all there is and it is this experience of living every moment that we live for — the very passion of life itself.
We are between the Earth and Heaven. We stand consciously in this dimension flickering in and out from many dimensions. We choose to stand in this dimension and express ourselves here with song, dance and laughter. What else is there?
The aching you feel inside is not pain, Beloved, it is passion; Passion to fulfill each moment with the essence of yourself.
Meditate in Nature each day if you can and become more aware of your passion and your gift. It is natural that you move in and out of the dimensions as you sleep or in the day and you may relax with this and enjoy your dreams of flying or swimming and of music, they are no less real than what you see each day out your window.
You are a thought – life creator: your thoughts are energy which when condensed, creates things; all that you see is so. This is why your Art and your thoughts of intense beauty are such a gift. Not to a specific person, but to life itself.
You do not need to explain this to anyone. Or even worry they are not able to listen. Make your magical gift as fine as it can be, for it is your gift to your higher self, to the life source or rainbow light. Each gift makes it even more beautiful, just as your observance of the flower makes its colors more intense.
This is the way of the Light Elven. You are Elven. You are so very blessed.
You are one more expression of beauty in this world; like a rose, a mountaintop, the waterfall, the coo of a newborn child.
You are Oh, so very blessed Sun Song. What more can we do?
Given with love and light, July 1, 2009

Irish lake, sunny day
Irish lake, sunny day

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