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Do you Have Elven Blood?

In the Elven legend lies The secret truth behind your eyes That magic flows through veins immortal It’s you who are the godly portal And so today you’ll hear the story Of how it came to be Your blood is blood of Elven Kings Your spirit rides the sea… www.elvenworld.org www.elvenworld.ning.com

All of Our Power Comes from the Earth

“All of Our Power … Comes from the Earth”   –  TE Locke, Elven World  Scientific study shows that grounding our bodies to the earth prevents stress and aids in a good night’s sleep, relieves fatigue.   http://www.earthfx.net/pdf/EFX_science_Ober_sleep.pdf Try out the Earth’s Magic for yourself: Kick off your shoes and stand directly on the Earth (cement or wood …

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