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Modern Faery Tales

“Modern fairy traditions are about blending the past with the future. In doing this, it helps us as people to evolve so that we can be on equal footing with our technology.  We must learn to apply wisdom in using our technology so that it helps us rather than destroys us.  Elves and faeries by nature are just the beings to teach us how to build a bridge between nature and technology, so that they can live side by side, nourishing each other and providing for each other’s well-being”

–Sirona Knight

     Elven World continues the ancient Elven tradition while adding the fresh new Elven experience on Earth right now.   Step into Elven World and you walk the path in a forest under a canopy of trees creating a sacred space just for you––profoundly embracing you with color and sound.   Inspiration abounds and captures you with messages about our world from the Elven, guiding us to heights of appreciation and understanding we’ve never before known. 

     The first in a series of stories in the modern Elven tradition, Elven World: Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom teaches us through the adventures of the Elven and Fae who live in our world today. Their magic lies in a dimension just beyond the everyday. Step into the magical world by nurturing the Elven spirit that lives within your heart.

    Elven World is now available hardcopy at www.elvenworld.org (great book to give as a gifts for reading over and over again). 

    Read Elven World online (free!).   Chapter-by-Chapter digital presentations are being made available at www.elvenworld.org, for your pleasure.

    Join the Elven social network (free again!) www.elvenworld.ning.com




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    1. Tara Erinn Pelton

      Yes, sorry for the confusion. I am developing a new website that will incorporate all of these sites including elvenworld.org
      and where you will be able to obtain the work easily.
      Meanwhile won’t you please join us at http://www.elvenworld.ning.com for elven community?
      Thanks for understanding. Life has been intense this year almost beyond my ability to process
      I am so looking forward to spending more time with you all and in the community myself.
      Also I have changed my name from T.E. Locke to T.E. Pelton (Tara)
      Love, Joy, Harmony, Tara

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