Elven World

Star Travelers, Through the Portal

Star Travelers, Through the Portal

Elven World Book II

Star Travelers is the story of twin souls:

Aine of Earth

and Anya, Princess on a Starship in the cosmos.

They both run away from home at the same time and magically/accidentally switch places in a time travel portal.

Aine of Earth travels the cosmos learning how Earth is protected by magical beings from harm and how Earth can be saved from pollution/destruction of nature.

Anya of the Stars sees the chaos on Earth first hand.  She realizes she must have a twin counterpart in the cosmos who has taken her place and begins working to build a magical portal that will connect them.  

The portal is created successfully and the two worlds meet.

There are romantic interludes and a great deal of  fantastic otherworldly flying.


What is special about this book is the secret imbedding of the seven cosmic laws into each chapter. It is a book for social justice warriors who are serious about changing the world because it gives a powerful philosophy to use on this quest by showing examples. You will enjoy the beautiful videos available for this book.

Aine, who saved the world for magical people in Book I, is the heroine of a Book II. Many of the immortal characters reappear (they are immortal with shape shifting powers). Book II can stand alone, however. One does not need to have read Book I to enjoy it thoroughly.  Many people will read this book first or alone.