Elven World Book II: Star Travelers, Through the Portal

Star Travelers, Through the Portal is the story of two girls, one from Earth and one from a starship somewhere in the cosmos, not too far from here, who run away from home at the exact same moment in time and, as a result, accidentally switch places in a space travel portal.

These two girls have the same name, same appearance, and could be twins. In this story, you will have the opportunity to see the world of today from many different perspectives, to travel to many places including other planets in the stars. You will have the chance to contemplate your position in the world, to consider the concepts presented in the book and most of all, to focus your mind on world betterment by understanding the seven cosmic laws in this time of extreme change.

Each chapter of this book illuminates one of the 7 cosmic laws of Hermes Trismegistus — universal philosophical principles studied by scholars, scientists and mystics for thousands of years including: the Law of Polarity, Law of Attraction and Law of Causation.